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Templar Graffiti

One of the enduring myths associated with the study of medieval graffiti inscriptions is that some of them were created by the mysterious military order - the Knights Templar. The knights themselves have become the centre of a whole industry for conspiracy theorists and mystery hunters in the last few decades; almost all of which appears without foundation. The same is true of Templar graffiti.

To date there is not a single piece of medieval graffiti recorded in the UK that can be ascribed to the Templars. Although there are many sites that claim such a connection, every close examination and research has completely failed to justify or support any of these claims. Even sites such as the chalk cut cave at Royston, whose wall are covered in mysterious carvings that have long been a focus for a great deal of Templar speculation, have proved to date from several centuries after the Order was brutally suppressed.

However, it is easy to understand how some inscriptions can become linked to such strange legends and stories. Much of the religious imagery discovered amongst the graffiti is indeed strange to modern eyes. It appears full of symbols and codes that are difficult to understand, and obscure text that is difficult to decipher. In light of this it is no surprise that some of these strange carvings have generated weird and outlandish tales of their own. And who knows - one day we may even stumble across an inscription made by a Knight Templar…